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Published by Administrator in PartnerSearch · 8 October 2018
Hi all,

My name is Joyce Tielens, 24 years old, and I am looking for a motivated dance partner who would like to dance Latin competitions with me! My level is B level (BDSF) or Masterclass (BEL-AL). I train once in a while to further improve my technique. I live in Peer (Limburg) and I am willing to travel a bit, but because I'd like to train ~3x / week (depending on what my partner would want as well), it would of course be best to find a partner who does not live too far away! My trainer is Angelo Schabon. My length is 1.75m without heels.

Are you looking for a dance partner or do you know someone who is? I'd love to hear from you!

Best whishes,


ps: You can contact me or my teacher directly on Facebook or leave a comment below.

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