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Coming Up:

27/04 10 dance championship BDSF
28/04 Competition Kortrijk BEL-AL
01/05 Championship BEL-AL
18/05 Championship BDSF

This is the renewed website that we put together to inform all the competitors in Begium of what they might need to have for a full and successful career. I hope you like it. Tell us what you think.

To inform Belgian competitive dancers.
Coming Up:

23/09 Workshop (G. Lundin) BEL-AL
30/09 Competition Kick Off Preselectie BDSF
07/10 Competition  BENELUX BEL-AL
28/10 Competition Dance Star Cup Retie BDSF
10/11 Competition Leila Akcelik BEL-AL
11/11 Competition Bocholt BDSF
11/11 Workshop Dansdag 2018 DSV
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